Controlling Media Representation

Join us for the next lunchtime talk with activist Toyin Agbetu to explore topics and conversations relating to the Black experience in Britain. Controlling Media Representation Toyin Agbetu, community educator and founder of the human rights organisation Ligali, explores some of the adverse experiences pan African communities have encountered through their misrepresentation in the British […]

Claudia Jones – 100th anniversary of her Birth

  On Saturday 22 August we will be celebrating the life of Claudia Jones who was a leading campaigner for social equality during the 1950s and 1960s. Born in 1915 in Trinidad, Port of Spain, Claudia emigrated to New York as a child in 1923, and deported to Britain for her beliefs in 1955. She […]

Black British Feminism: Past, Present and Futures

Saturday 14 March, 12.00pm – 3.30pm at Black Cultural Archives and continues at the Karibu Centre, 4pm – 12am In collaboration with writer Chardine Taylor-Stone and Body Narratives, this one-day conference attempts to trace Black feminist journeys and legacies into the present day. Centred on cross-generational dialogue, this interactive programme encourages reflection, celebration and a […]