BCA Loves Afrobeats with P Montana

BCA Loves Afrobeats with P Montana
Saturday 28 October, 6.30pm-9.00pm
£7, £5 concession
Book online

From Hi-Life to London vibez, Black Cultural Archives celebrates the journey and rise of UK afrobeats at a moment in time when this genre is redefining the Black Sound we listen to today. To mark this special moment in history where music has made it “cool” to reclaim your African roots, renowned and ground-breaking DJ P Montana will play a selection of the hottest, freshest, and classic afrobeat tracks.

Listen out for new talent as P Montana curates an exclusive compilation of songs produced by a mix of underground afrobeat artists that have yet to be released. A pioneer in his own right in 2016 Noisey called P Montana ‘a DJ who Timbo, N2theA and Hendrix all credit as one of the tastemakers of the new generation.’ P Montana is a key supporter of the British underground music scene. Both his soundcloud and mixcloud platforms are extremely powerful forces. They have received 10 million plays and have helped kickstart the careers of various artists including J Hus, Timbo, and Mover.

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