The Brixton Midnight Run

The Brixton Midnight Run

Commemorating 30 Years of Black History Month
Saturday 7 October, 6pm – Midnight

The Midnight Run is a walking, arts-filled, night-time cultural journey through urban spaces. It gathers strangers and local artists together to explore, play and create, whilst the city sleeps. The MNR aims to break down social barriers and provide a platform for established and emerging creatives, bringing moments of genuine interactive creativity. There have been events in Paris, Rome, Berlin, Barcelona, Perth and Aukland to name a few.

The Midnight Run is also a containment for conversation and much has been said about the changing face of Brixton, given its rich and complex history. Commemorating 30 Years of Black History Month, Join Kelly Foster (certified London tour guide and Brixton Historian) in exploring, excavating and discussing aspects of the area, from the Windrush Generation, to Michael Jordan’s visit in 1985, to the riots.

Along the route, Inua Ellams (Brixton resident and Founder of the Midnight Run) will lead imaginative creative exercises on capturing the exhilarating experience in verse.

As always, in typical Midnight Run fashion, expect the unexpected and come to have fun.

Tickets are £10. A limited number of £5 available for under 25s.
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In Partnership with Oval House, The Black Cultural Archives and supported by The Arts Council England.

If you can’t make our run, check out the earlier Brixton Run 23rd Sept 6pm to Midnight at Oval House.

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