Activities at your school

The Gift Storytelling Workshop

Early Years & Key Stage 1

60 minutes, 13.00 – 14.00

30 pupils

Journey back hundreds of years to the Kingdom of Benin with our storyteller and our collection of Benin Bronzes. Our storytellers will create interactive play, developing speaking and listening skills with young pupils who adopt the roles of African Kings, Queens and explorers.  Pupils start to develop and appreciate African and Caribbean cultures traditions, dialect, and language structures when telling tales ‘from home’. Moral codes through proverbs are key messages that also feature for pupils to take back to the classroom and use in the everyday.

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Enactment Assemblies

Key Stage 2

Curriculum area: English/History

45 minutes

Whole school assembly

Watch the histories of Olaudah Equiano, Mary Seacole and the Windrush Stowaway brought to life in your school and appreciate the action, character, atmosphere and tension created by our historical character actors. Participate actively in drama workshops and discuss with actors the issues and values surrounding the drama. Go beyond the classroom on this journey of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

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People and History Workshops

Key Stages 2, 3 and 4

Available Tuesdays – Fridays

60 minutes

 Maximum 30 pupils (SEN groups 20 maximum)

These sessions are part of our outreach provision that take place in your classroom and are open to all pupils. Themes relate to our assemblies on Windrush Britons, Mary Seacole and Olaudah Equiano as well as Black Edwardians.

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