Remembering Darcus Howe

On Saturday 1 April 2017, Black rights and leading anti-racist activist, Darcus Howe (1943-2017) passed away. Following the sad event, Black Cultural Archives invited the community to pay tribute to the formidable Darcus Howe and his lifelong commitment to fight social and racial injustice and inequality.

Hundreds gathered together in BCA’s Courtyard and spilling out onto Windrush Square on Sunday 9 April 2017. Leading members of the community came forward to pay respects and share their tributes to the ‘the Free Man Darcus’. Lord Paul Boateng led the tributes with a 15-minute speech heralding Darcus Howe’s fearless passion against racial injustice. He recalled the mobilisation of the Black community in the 1970s and 1980s that have changed experiences of Black people in Britain and indefinitely shaped British history. Darcus Howe’s wife, Lelia and his son Darcus Beese shared their gratitude to the overwhelming support from the community.The moving tributes were followed by an outdoor screening of two historic archive films, Mangrove Nine (1973) and autobiographical documentary Travels With My Camera: Is This My Country (2006).

Watch Remembering Darcus Howe Tributes below.

…the absolute embodiment of Black Caribbean intellect in England.’ Ty, Rapper and Broadcaster


“…incredible mixture of politics and culture grounded in a strong sense of his identity.” The RT. Hon. Lord Paul Boateng, Member of House of Lords


 “…able to defend himself in the heat of justice… and to think internationally about the struggle.” Adam Elliot-Cooper, Associate Editor of Ceasefire Magazine


“…he had the courage to be the one that stood out…people took note of what Darcus had to say.” Leo Muhammad, Nation of Islam


“…he was always full of inspiration…he wanted the world to look right for Black people.” Neil Kenlock, Photographer and Member of Black British Panthers


“…the legacy of challenge…he had a clear strategy and he took no prisoners. He was able to articulate his passion for social justice.” Patrick Vernon, Social Commentator and Political Activist




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