Corporate Support

There are a number of ways your organisation can celebrate the Black British contribution to the culture, society and heritage of the UK.


The country’s first Black heritage centre will provide a number of sponsorship and branding opportunities. Sponsoring us offers many benefits beyond the bottom line:

  • employee volunteering opportunities mapped against desired L&D outcomes
  • unique client networking potential
  • increased brand awareness and brand loyalty
  • demonstrate organisation values to future recruits
  • Improve benchmarking scores
  • employee engagement initiatives

The Black heritage centre will deliver exhibition and learning programmes linked to the archives. Volunteering, development and challenge opportunities will be available through these programmes, with targeted training and support from BCA throughout.

Contact the Director for more information.


Diversity & Inclusion (D&I):  Corporate Ambassador

Become a Corporate Ambassador and demonstrate your commitment to diversity.

Whether or not you have an internal Black Network ready established, we can provide the support you need to offer a fulfilling employee engagement, networking and volunteering programme.

Join today and your organisation will be recognised as an industry leader.


Corporate Donations

Giving encourages giving. If you are seeking to engage your people in community investment, why not lead by example and make a corporate donation?

We are a registered charity therefore, your company can make a claim in its Company Tax Return to set the amount of the donation against its taxable profits. Find out more on claiming tax relief on donations HMRC if you are a company or a sole trader/partnership.

Contact the Director for more information.