History of Raleigh Hall

Built in 1823, as a pair of houses, Raleigh Hall has witnessed the rise and fall and rise of Brixton. During it’s almost However, in 2009 the future of Raleigh Hall was changed when it was announced that it would become the home of the Black Cultural Archives. As the only heritage centre dedicated to […]

Black Heritage Centre Update

In April 2012 we announced with great sadness that the contractor (Kilby and Gayford) we had appointed to convert Raleigh Hall on Windrush Square into the UK’s first Black heritage centre went into administration. Upon hearing the news BCA’s staff, trustees and numerous stakeholders have worked tirelessly to secure a replacement contractor, and it is hoped […]

Black Heritage Centre update

As we wind down on what has been an eventful year at BCA, we take great pleasure in the fact that we are able to end on a high note. BCA have begun the process of appointing a new contractor and work on Raleigh Hall will associated with the current one, and so we will […]