Instrumental Sounds of Jazz: A Tribute to Carl Kirton

A Tribute to Carl Kirton Friday 19 May, 6.30pm-9.00pm   Enjoy a night of interactive talks and performances that celebrate the contribution jazz has made to the evolution of Black British music. Jazz is renowned for its great level of musicianship and its influence can be found in blends of calypso, funk, and soul. Yet, […]

A Tribute to Our Father – Carl Kirton

A Man and His Music – Collector and Historian In 2014, Black Cultural Archives received a donation of material that had been owned by Carl Kirton. Carl Kirton was a Guyanese music and recording enthusiast who came to Britain in 1960. With his own home recording studio, he developed a personal collection over many years, […]

Last chance to see Rastafari in Motion ends Saturday 10 September

Join us for the final week of Rastafari in Motion as we mark the close of the exhibition with Speakers Corner, Ethiopian New Year celebration and legacy workshops for the majestic and influential exhibition that spotlighted the contributions Rastafari in Britain. Rastafari in Motion Last chance to see, ends Saturday 10 September 2016 Co-curated in […]

Past Performance

Part 1 In April and May Black Cultural Archives worked in partnership with the Africa Centre on ‘Past Performance.’ The first event took place in April, where we explored the relationships between archives and museums, how they look after our heritage and more importantly, how you can get access to your cultural heritage. The evening […]

A Graphic Reality: Comic strips in The Alarm magazine

Black Cultural Archives has a large collection of over 200 periodical titles, which contains a mixture of newspapers, magazines and .

Natural Love?

In preparation for the upcoming St. Valentine’s Day celebrations we were searching the collections for related material to get us in the mood for love. We found this LP within our record collection but we don’t have much information about the artists or record label. We know the label is Ethnic Fight Records coming out […]


Black Cultural Archives holds an object that embodies this principle of Kujichagulia, as well as being an integral part of the archives’ history. Erzulie by George Fowokan Kelly, a sculpture in the collection at Black Cultural Archives, embodies the principle of Kujichagulia, as well as being an integral part of the archives’ history. Erzulie, is […]