We are looking for people from all walks of life – #EVERYDAYHEROES

The only requirement is that you are someone of African or African Caribbean descent doing something positive in the UK.

Please send us a 5 second video letting us know your occupation and a positive quality that describes you. Please see video below as an example.

Email your video to: unsung@bcaheritage.org.uk 

Your entry if accepted will be featured in a national campaign to highlight and normalise Black success as well as fundraise for the Archive to ensure its sustainability as an independent repository of Black History and heritage. It will also set an example of what happens when we all work together.

Video Submission Instructions

Please send a video of you saying the following: I AM A ” ________________” (Occupation) AND I AM ” ________________”  (a positive quality that best describes you) to unsung@bcaheritage.org.uk.

When you send your video in please include your @twitter, Facebook and instagram contact details.

Click here for an example of what we’re hoping to receive: